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Dangee Dums has been well-known for its yummy chocolates, cakes, cookies, ice creams, and more and is a successful brand in the bakery and confectionery industry. With many physical stores operating successfully, Dangee Dums decided to take their business online and reach a wider audience. The website allows the user to enter their location and then quickly choose from the products available at shops around them. It also has web pages describing the company’s history, its franchise options, and various other services offered by them.


The website opens up to a banner slider showing some of the most trending bakery products and the best offers offered by the company. It asks the customer to enter their location, and the shops are listed for providing facilities like home delivery or pick up accordingly. Afterward, they can choose their favorite product, make online payments and get it home delivered. Dangee Dums also makes designer cakes for special occasions and has a separate section for the customers to place an inquiry. Apart from these, people willing to start their cake shop can fill out the inquiry form on the ‘Franchise’ page.

UI/UX (Design)

Web design plays a vital role in the success of an eCommerce business because a consistent design helps build brand awareness and promote repeat business. Our team of UI/UX used high-end tools to create a design that is visually appealing, user-friendly, easy to navigate, promoting fruitful conversion.

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Dangee Dums is one of the biggest names in its industry, and it makes us very proud to develop an eCommerce platform for them that’s taking their business to newer heights.

While the entire platform was developed using Magento, some website features, like the store selection feature and franchise options, were custom designed by our website developers. We have used Google maps and browser location for fetching the client’s location and load web pages accordingly. Multi-level options were also used on different pages to give precise and to-the-point information to the customers.