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Open source CRM

Real Estate CRM System that is simple, efficient and cost-free

Welcome to the Real Property Professional’s CRM! In contrast to complex, expensive software that promises to improve your workflow however ultimately slows the workflow down. Our CRM is unique, it is simple as well as efficient and it’s cost-free!

Why should you Choose Us?
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Find a CRM specifically designed to meet the
requirements of real estate professionals

Unlimited free

When you use our CRM, you can use it absolutely free, and permits users to use all functions and features available without extra fees or charges.

No User Limit

There’s no restriction to users, nor additional cost. You can join your team and never worry about the restrictions of users, or additional costs.

No License Fees

There are no fees for licenses. You’ll never need to invest an investment in the future as our CRM is everlastingly absolutely free!

Open Source & Self-Hosted

The Open Source or self-hosted CRMs offer users the control and flexibility required to tailor your program to suit the needs of your organization.

The Key Features


Have a simple and complete view of your real estate business with no clutter.


Streamline lead management at every step of the selling process easily and make client communications easy as they can be


Build and sustain important relationships easily for smooth interaction with customers.

Property Management

Make property management easier through an intuitive software designed to efficiently


Be on top of the activities to ensure that nothing slips out of sight, and without not ignoring anything vital.

Meetings, Calls, Emails

By using Meetings, Contacts and Emails (MC&s) and communication, requirements for scheduling will be connected in one view of the calendar.


Manage appointments easily in order to ensure that you never forget an important event or appointment.


You can store and access important real estate documents safely and in a single location


Produce powerful reports that aid in decisions based on your information for enhanced decision-making abilities.


There are no restrictions in regards to who is allowed to join. This means your entire group can join the club without any restriction or limit.

Customer Success Stories

Stories from customers provide insights into real property professionals who have experienced great success using our CRM.

Our Best features

Support and Alternatives to Download

Real estate and property Crm management teams often have a complex web of report recipients, and manually ensuring that the right reports reach the right teams consumes time that could be better spent.

Get it free of charge on GitHub

Make use of the CRM application which is open-source

Buy-in Setup Service

Professional setup assistance available for your convenience

Receive Customization Assistance available

Tailor your CRM in a way it will meet the requirements

Frequently Asked Questions

We have some FAQ to
inform you more

Are There Limitations on User Accounts in Your CRM System?

No – our CRM was designed with all members of your team in mind and does not impose restrictions or fees to gain access. 

Can I Gain Access without Paying Extra Fees?

Yes – the CRM we utilize offers the full suite of features at no hidden or annual costs for access.

How secure are the document storage facilities within a CRM?

This software was specifically created to protect any sensitive information stored there, offering secure encryption and storage solutions for documents related to real estate.

Can this CRM integrate with other programs or tools?

A: Absolutely. Our CRM allows seamless integration with third-party software for greater capability and increased flexibility.

Does Open Source CRM Offer Technical Assistance?

YES; although our main CRM is completely free for download and modification, we also provide affordable assistance services with technical and customization guidance as part of its main services.

Will it meet my particular company's requirements?

 Absolutely – our CRM was purposefully developed to be flexible and adaptable so you could customize it according to the specific property-related business needs of your firm.

Does Your CRM Offer Report Capabilities?

Yes! Our CRM comes equipped with extensive report features which enable users to generate informative reports which support decision making processes.

Will our CRM support mobile devices?

Absolutely. It was specifically developed to work seamlessly on mobile devices and allows you to complete real estate-related tasks anywhere with connectivity! 

Do mobile phones access our CRM?

Yes they do – Our CRM was specifically created for them!

What if my business requires real estate-specific access via multiple devices?

Yes it can! Our CRM was specifically created so it works on smartphones!

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