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The only CRM tailor-made for Real Estate Agents and Agencies

Why Choose Real estate CRM?

A CRM for Real Estate
crafted by professionals in the field

Cloud Compatibility

Crm with a cloud environment fits the business model.

Real Insight

Real estate crm ensure compliance and improve productivity

Open Source

Open Source sales crm automation to help growing sales 

Human Resource

crm software track employee information, such as contact information

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The software for real estate CRM can help maintain relationships between buyers brokers, sellers, agents developers, financial institutions.

It can meet the diverse needs of real estate agents as well as real estate agencies. From handling incoming inquiries and preparing price quotations and selling commercial real estate to managing property and property management, the Real estate CRM software manages the entire process management of real estate firms.

The Real Estate Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software is a special software system created to aid real estate crm professionals to manage their relationship with customers lead, customers, and other contacts. Below are a few of the most important capabilities and functions which are commonly found within real estate CRMs.The decision to use the CRM software depends on the needs and requirements of the CRM for small business. It is essential to choose one that matches the processes and goals of real estate crm agents who use the system.

Real estate CRM insights Google
can give

Real estate and property Crm management teams often have a complex web of report recipients, and manually ensuring that the right reports reach the right teams consumes time that could be better spent.

Make your CRM data work
for you

CRM databases are an information source that contains details about the customer and can be controlled, modified and shared across the entire organization.

Our Best features

CRM management streamlined

The real estate industry is all about building trust. And it’s not surprising that 82% of all new real estate sales come from our previous contacts, clients, family members, closefriends or relatives.

Additionally with regards to real estate crm software companies selling or purchasing is an extended process that requires several re-negotiations and follow-ups. For these scenarios, using an effective real estate CRM system provides realtors with a reliable method to handle contacts, organize activities, track their pipelines, and remain well-organized to establish relationships as well as close transactions.

Our Best features

There are lot of CRM feature Insight

CRM database

An effective real estate Crm application will provide an user-friendly interface that permits you to control, in real-time.

Real Estate CRM Monitoring

Real estate Crm lets you make contact with sellers to get a mandate to keep track of the offers in your particular sector.

CRM software Lead

The real estate CRM you use is required to be linked, and centralize leads that you get from your various contacts

CRM Dashboard

Gain an overall perspective of your real estate activities, performance and upcoming tasks quickly at a glance

CRM Leads

Efficiently track leads through all stages of sales cycle management to ensure no opportunity goes unnoticed.

CRM Contacts

Maintain a centralized database of contacts to streamline communication and follow-ups.

Real estate crm Property

organize properties for easier management, and showcase listings more effectively.

CRM softwareTask

Stay on top of tasks and deadlines so nothing falls through the cracks.

Meetings, Calls and Emails

One can use a crm software to easily schedule meetings, log calls and manage emails for seamless communication with customers.

 CRM Calendar

Easily keep track of your business’ appointments as well as important events using the Crm’s calendar.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have some FAQ to
inform you more

Is technical support available for this open-source CRM?

While the core CRM is free and open-source, we offer chargeable support services for technical queries and customization guidance.

Why is this CRM suitable for Real Estate agencies?

Tailored specifically for Real Estate, our CRM includes essential tools—leads, contacts, properties, appointments, and documents—to power your real estate operations.

Are there any hidden costs or fees associated with this CRM?

None whatsoever! Our CRM is completely free, without any hidden charges, user fees, or licensing fees—present or future.

Can I integrate this CRM with other tools or software?

Absolutely! Our CRM is designed for flexibility and supports integration with various third-party tools to enhance functionality.

Why do most CRMs seem to neglect small businesses like ours?

Investor-funded CRM companies prioritize high-value customers, leaving small businesses on the sidelines. This often leads to “small business CRMs” transforming into something else entirely.

Is there a limit on the number of users for this CRM?

Absolutely not! Our CRM is built for inclusivity—no limits, no financial barriers based on the number of users.

Can I customize this CRM to suit my unique business needs?

You sure can! The open-source nature of our CRM allows extensive customization. Need additional features? Our chargeable customization services are here to tailor the CRM to your specifications.

How secure is the data stored in this CRM?

Data security is a priority. Our CRM employs robust security measures to safeguard your information. Plus, with self-hosting capabilities, you have control over your security protocols.

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