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Open source CRM

Simplify Insurance Management with Our Free CRM Solution

Prolink Infotech understands the complex details of insurance management. We have developed a no-cost CRM Solution specially designed for insurance agencies as well as agents. The solution helps to streamline procedures, establish strong relationships with customers and improve productivity without incurring extra charges or fees to purchase management software. Our CRM that is open source is designed to streamline procedures while also building relationships and enhancing productivity- and all without any additional cost!

Features Tailored for Insurance

Comprehensive Dashboard Insights

Gain a holistic overview of your insurance activities, track essential metrics, and effortlessly manage performance with this powerful insight dashboard.

Efficient Leads and Contacts Management

Manage leads efficiently as well as build meaningful connections between prospects & clients smoothly without missing anything out!

Streamlined Policy Management

Simplify policy tracking and management within your CRM platform for improved efficiency in operations.

Task and Meetings Scheduler

Task and Meeting Scheduler to stay ahead of deadlines and appointments by scheduling tasks, meetings and events - keeping workflow organized.

Integrated Calls, Emails, and Calendar

Stay in contact and communicate effectively using integrated calling, emailing and calendar functionalities.

Centralized Document Management

Store, access, and share documents centrally for seamless collaboration and quick access to essential files.

Detailed Reports and Analytics

Centralized Document Management you can store, access, share documents centralized for smooth collaboration as well as quick access essential files.

Robust User Management

Robust User Management Simplify user access and permission management across your team without restrictions or extra costs.

Our Commitment: Forever Free

Our aim is to empower insurance professionals. That is why our CRM solution will always remain free, without hidden costs or restrictions on users – this commitment ensures the growth of the insurance industry without financial barriers. Customized Solutions to Fit Your Needs.

Customized Solutions for Your Needs

Need specific custom features added to your CRM (at an extra charge)? Reach Out To Us. You Will Witness Our CRM’s Power.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

This CRM truly free for insurance professionals?

Yes! No hidden fees or user limits; the system is entirely free to use.

Can this CRM meet my insurance agency's specific needs?

Yes! We provide customization options. Let’s discuss your specific requirements.

Are your CRM products secure from data protection concerns?

 We take all measures possible to safeguard our CRM products’ users.

Will technical support for open source CRM be available?

Yes! Our team provides full technical support. 

Does this CRM integrate with other tools or platforms seamlessly?

Yes – full training on using it will be given.

Is there training provided for using this CRM?

Absolutely, our onboarding resources make the transition seamless. 

Are updates and new features regularly released?

Yes. Our CRM is continuously upgraded for an optimal user experience. 

Is this CRM suitable for both small and large insurance agencies?

Absolutely, as our CRM serves businesses of all sizes in the insurance sector. 

Can I import existing data into this CRM?

 Yes! For your convenience our system enables quick data import. 

How can I begin using it for my insurance business?

Signing up and exploring its features immediately are both free.